Frequently Asked Questions


These are some of my most frequently asked questions about ordering. Please read through if you'd like more info!

1. Are Inclusive Pegs intended for child's play?

Each peg doll that I paint is coated with two layers of non-toxic varnish to protect the non-toxic paint underneath from chipping. Many people have ordered my nativities for their children because they aren't fragile and they stand up to child's play. A general rule of thumb is if the doll does not have clay additions, it is safe for children to play with (but not chew on!!).

Please note: There are a couple of small pieces in our nativity sets (baby Jesus and the sheep) that make them unsuitable for children under 3 to play with unsupervised (due to choking hazards). 

Some of my more expensive dolls are intended more as collectables/ornaments rather than toys, especially the ones with clay additions. They DO NOT stand up to teething babies/toddlers! Please keep that in mind when ordering. 

2. Why are the prices so varied?

Price is based on the particular design of each peg. Some pegs are more simple, some are highly detailed. If a peg has clay additions, that means it has been hand-sculpted by me and that is a time-consuming process! Prices will reflect this level of detail and care.

3. I have an idea for a peg/several pegs I'd like painted. Can I place a custom order?

Absolutely! I love getting ideas from you! You can reach out and inquire any time. Timing will always depend on how many orders I'm working on at that moment. Send me an email to inquire and I can give you an estimate on turn-around time. 

The best way to stay in the loop on custom ordering is by signing up for my newsletter here.

3. Do you paint pets? How does that work?

Yes and they are one of my favorite orders to get! I create custom clay-sculpted pets to look just like your fury friends. Right now I only take a handful of pet orders each month and I usually fill up a month or two in advance. They are highly detailed and I hand-sculpt and hand-paint each one. 

You can find the listing here

Once you have placed your order, please email photos of your pet within 48 hours to hold your spot. I need at least two photos - one of the front (full body) and one profile (side) view. A back view is helpful also, if you have it! Email your full name (so I can match to your order) and photos to Include your pet's name in the email if you'd like it on the underside of the peg.

4. I missed out on one of your peg releases, do you do multiple rounds of certain figures?

If the figure is very popular I usually do more than one round. However, you can always email me to place a custom order and I will fit you in when I can. Many customers have done this with RBG. She is definitely my most popular!

5. Can I order the stable/house pictured in your nativity photos? 

Unfortunately, no. At one time I offered stables as an add-on item to my nativity sets but they took so much time and effort to sand, paint, and varnish that it just didn't make sense any more. At the end of 2020 I decided not to offer them going forward. 

6. Can I order as a gift and have it shipped directly to my loved-one?

Yes! Many of my customers do this and I even offer to include a short note if you want to. Just make sure to include the correct shipping address in your order. Then you can email me to let me know it's a gift and what note you'd like to include. These pegs really do make the most meaningful gifts for a loved-one!

7. How does custom ordering work?

I offer a handful of custom spots a month. When I'm at capacity I will turn off custom ordering on the site. These are my most detailed pegs and I like to give them the attention they deserve! 

You have the option to add clay to your custom pegs to really make them come to life. Every peg is hand-sculpted and hand-painted by me and I work very hard to include the smallest details to make these pegs incredibly special and unique. 

I have a section on this site for Custom Pegs. When I am at capacity, that section will be "sold out". I will open it at different times, depending on my painting schedule. When I am open for custom orders, there are two options for ordering:

  • Option 1: You can browse through the different dropdown options in that section (custom pegs and custom pets) and select the one you'd like AND email me photos within 48 hours. 
  • Option 2: If you have questions, if your order is more complicated, or if you'd like to get on the custom order waitlist you can send an email to I can create a custom listing specifically for you once we've talked through what you want/details/pricing. Then you can purchase that listing through my site.

Either way you do it, once you have placed your order I need photos within 48 hours to reserve your spot. Full body shots are best, with close up photos too. If you don't have full body shots then please include a description of what you'd like each peg to be wearing on the bottom (color/style etc). The more details you include, the better. 

7. How long is turn-around time for custom orders?

This fluctuates throughout the year but generally I'll add you to a certain month's customs list (based on how many custom orders I already have) and that means that I'll paint your set during that month and will ship it by the end of that month. I usually take custom orders a month or two out so that means if you place your order in March for my April list, your pegs will ship by the end of April. Feel free to email me for a more specific time-line! 

Thanks for being a part of the Inclusive Peg community!